In Wisconsin:

1 out of 3 teens on the street will be lured into trafficking within 48 hours of leaving their home.

92% of Milwaukee’s known cases involve youth.

79% of homeless youth are at high risk for being victims of human trafficking.

Milwaukee is known as a recruiting ground for victims and a training center for traffickers. Human Trafficking is modern day slavery and occurs when a trafficker uses force, manipulation, and/or fraud tactics to control another person for the purpose of commercial sex acts or soliciting services against one’s will.

Doctor Maria


In this program, our goal is to instill knowledge and personal power within individuals in order to stop the cycle of human trafficking within our community.

Weekly individual therapy focuses on trauma history and identifying/implementing strategies to help build self-esteem, reframe individual identity, and empower clients to walk away from abusive relationships.

Family therapy highlights the origin of dysfunctional interactions and provides strategies to heal broken relationships and build a cohesive family vision.

Group therapy will be offered in the form of a 12-week, structured psychoeducational group facilitated by one of our trauma-informed therapists. In this group, clients will learn protective strategies, hear real-life accounts from survivors of trafficking, and be given the opportunity to process their thoughts/feelings/experiences within a safe, supportive group atmosphere.


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